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Oh, my head... good vodka, very good...

Unit Two.

This has been a trying time for us. I just wanted to let you know that if you need to speak, my door is always open. As your commander, I will look out for you in all aspects, to the best of my ability.

If you need to talk about what happened to Nanoha... I am here.

(OOC: Strikes hackable with sufficient talent.)
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Now that the journaling service is back up, I just have a few things to say.

Unit two, I am proud of you. Our mission was a success. We overcame some awful challenges, and everyone survived. Good job.

Mister Armstrong, Caboose, on behalf of DATS I once again extend my gratitude for your assistance.

Tamers in Neon City, Tetha, DATS Headquarters, you all did exceptionally well.

As for everything else, well... I'd never say that I find myself unable to find the words regarding recent events. Not even if you ripped my mouth off.
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Captain, one of the prisoners is willing to talk. I am partially satisfied that the other is an idiot. I will bring the useful one to cell five. Please meet us there
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Commanders, my search teams have returned from their assignments.

We found five villages razed to the ground. Of all the villages we went to check, only two were intact. We've advised the digimon there to relocate to the larger cities for the time being for their own safety.

We were unable to find any of Kurata's underlings, though the proof of their passing was undeniable. I've marked the villages that we've visited and their statuses on the map submitted with my formal report.

With your permission, I'm going to send my teams out again tomorrow. It's only a matter of time before we catch them in the act.

[Attached: Ivan's investigative report.]

[Locked to Touma]

As for our other project... I do not believe that the Penmon has anything of worth for us. If we are lucky, he might be able to tell us if Kurata is moving any finances through Neon City. Unlikely.

Fangstrom, on the other hand, seems more promising if we can interpret his ravings. I am going to return to the interrogation immediately.

I'll get the answers we need, even if I have to rip his mouth off.
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All right, given the current situation I suppose it's long past time that I start acting like team leader.

Unit 2, report in. The search parties to Neon City and the surrounding area are ongoing at present, but I have something else in mind. It is no secret that I worked with Kurata at one time, so I feel that the search parties will have limited success. We need to be looking elsewhere. Kurata's tactics can be classified as nothing short of Scorched Earth. If he truly was involved in Neon City, which all signs seem to be pointing to, I feel that it will have been nothing short of a decoy for something, perhaps grabbing Yoshino, perhaps something else.

We need to be looking for isolated digimon villages, Kurata's agents will be scouring them. If we want to find Kurata, we need to capture some of them and interrogate them. To this end, I feelthat smaller groups would be better able to accomplish this. I'm going to break you up into teams and I'm going to send you to investigate portions of the digital world. If you have any preferences, please state them now.

[Locked to DATS commanders]

I apologise if I am overstepping my bounds with this, and if you instruct me to I will go back on this decision, but I believe that investigating Neon City will turn up very little. Plus... I believe that Masaru and Touma are likely to turn up more on their own there than all of DATS could manage if we scoured the city.

[Locked to Kouki]

Kouki, my friend... I know that you are spending time with your friend Akira, but I have a favor to ask. You know the underworld far better than anyone else on the team, I would think. Your talents... are not particularly suited to DATS' common behavior, and it seems to be driving you stir-crazy. Could I ask you to keep your ear to the ground? Junk City seems to be just the kind of place where people could operate without fear of being seen by any authoritive organization.
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Looking back at everything that's happened so far, this Digital World is a very interesting place. Between the riots and DATS, I don't quite know what to think. Still, the only way to find out is to plunge right in. It should be fun. I am on Honey's team, after all. I won't mind taking orders from her, but I would never say that, even if you ripped my mouth off...

As for home... That is entirely too depressing a prospect to dwell on. But seeing everyone okay was a relief. I resolve that I will see them again!


Mar. 7th, 2008 05:47 pm
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Co-- I mean, Armadimon says we have to go to a place where my friends are. Even though I have never heard of "Nanami" or "Kouki", I would never tell you that even if your ripped off my mouth, but those are the friends he said we must meet. Although I would have preferred staying with the odd ladies in Flower Paradise, they were very nice if a bit strange, looking like flowers. Not that I would say that, as that would be unkind.

Now if only I could get home, Mother and Father must be worried.
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Oh dear... is this thing working?

Ah, if anyone is listening my Tamer... He's, uh.

[long pause, then an oof-ing sound from Armadimon]

Ivan, Ivan please don't jump on my back. Why are you so small now?


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Ivan. JUST Ivan.

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