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Attention, all DATS members with an interest in watching combat events.

I would like as many agents as possible in attendance at the race at the Death Arena.

... And bring objects to throw. I don't want to see the good guys being the only ones getting pelted out there.
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Attention, all DATS personnel.

As of this moment, I am issuing a formal kill on sight order with regards to the tamers Finitevus the Echidna, and Alyssa the HSAT.

These tamers are armed, dangerous, and have no regard for life of any sort. Attempting to capture these tamers poses too great a risk to all DATS members as well as any law enforcement officers whom may be involved.

Lethal force is authorized and encouraged. If you cannot bring yourself to act in such a manner with regards to these tamers, then you should not be investigating them in the first place. Again, these are DANGEROUS tamers and no quarter is to be given under any circumstances.

Furthermore, all DATS agents are advised that any known bases of these tamers are not to be entered under any circumstances. DATS Intelligence will evaluate these locations, and without my explicit instructions to the contrary, demolitions are to be commenced immediately upon completion of the analysis.

I don't want to see anyone else getting hurt because we underestimated these two.

(OOC: Ugh, this should have been up a week ago... sorry it took so long.

Also, this order has not been discussed by DATS command. Ivan is making a proactive order here. XD If your character's uncertain about this, that's quite all right.)
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Well well, it seems that we only ever call you when there's trouble brewing.

Simon, Meta-Knight, I was wondering if I might have a moment of your time?


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