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[The audio broadcasted from the D-Comm comes mingled with the sounds of explosions, and crashing debris]

Coalition forces!

We have Ultimate level digimon at the precinct! I repeat, we have Ultimate level digimon at the precinct! Re-assess your combat scenarios, and be careful! There's enough firepower in this one building to bring Tetha out of the sky! Collateral damage from an ultimate level attack could have grave reprecussions, no matter who throws it!

DATS Commanders, mission perameters have shifted! We need to adjust, or this invasion is going to become a genocidal catastrophe for both sides! If we're seeing Ultimate Evolutions, we can't be the only ones! Allies and enemies alike are probably capable of doing this now!
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Attention, all agents.

By now, you've all seen Dukemon's message.

We're concerned, but as of right now, we don't have the time to conduct the kind of interviewing that we will need to ensure our agents' well being in time for the invasion.

So before we assign missions, I can only approach you honestly and ask for your assurances that you are not going to do something stupid. What happened to the Royal Base was a tragedy, and it has struck all of us deeply. We all hurt, and we are all going to express that in different ways. We can't afford for people to go into Tetha looking for revenge, nor can we afford to take people who have been traumatized by what's happened.

If you feel as though the royal base's destruction will affect you too intensely, I am asking you to willingly sit this out. We will see justice done for what's happened, I assure you all of that.
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[Locked to DATS Intelligence Division Operatives, audio]

All DATS Intelligence Operatives, this is Vice Commander Ivan. I have authorization to take command of you. Any of you near a lightpost, you have twelve minutes to get to Tetha and make your way towards the Silver Dragon. We have unconfirmed reports of a battalion of Tetha troops marching through the city towards the Silver Dragon.

We must confirm this, and observe their actions. We cannot muster a force in time to do intercept them, but if we can get eyes on the ground, we can at least have a chance at RESPONDING to them!

Stay out of sight, do not engage the enemy, report what you see, and do not get caught! I can't give you any more detailed orders at this time, you'll have to use your best judgment!

[Locked to the Silver Dragon Inn/Hinata Hot Springs, audio]

Silver Dragon! Come in Silver Dragon, this is Vice Commander Ivan, of DATS! Say again, this is Commander Ivan of DATS.

We have unconfirmed but credible intelligence that there is a battalion of Tetha soldiers moving on your position, ETA twelve minutes! I say again, you may have upwards of three hundred soldiers inbound that will reach you in twelve minutes! We are attempting to confirm and mobilize, but we cannot get aid to you in such a short window! We only just received this intelligence! If they're hostile, you're going to be overrun!

[Locked to the Dai Gurren Brigade and friendly Dark Area Soldiers, audio]

DATS Allies, we have a potential situation brewing. We have an unconfirmed but credible report of a battalion of Tetha Soldiers marching on the Silver Dragon. We are attempting to confirm now, but they will reach the Inn in roughly ten minutes.

We've been caught flat-footed, and I could use some options if you guys have any!
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