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Calling all able-bodied tamers.

I am Ivan, of DATS. I realize that you are all caught in the same chaos that we are, but I must beg for your aid.

Something was released at Paladin Point that is threatening the entire world. Its name is Chaosmon. Not very imaginative, but it is responsible for the destruction at hand.

If there is any way that you can lend aid, please, come to this lightpost.

[Attached: Lightpost Data]

There is an aerial transport waiting at that lightpost. Our team could use all the help we can get. We are launching in fifteen minutes.

This is a threat unlike any the Digital World has ever faced. Even wanted criminals will be welcomed, and they will be allowed to leave unhindered when we are done.

Please, we need as much manpower as can be mustered.

[Locked to DATS Members]

If you're not tied up, dying, or preventing someone from dying, I had better see you on that boat. This is an end of the world scenario. All the people who need help right now will still die if this thing isn't beaten.
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Agent Terui.

As I am certain you have observed, Bowser Koopa has kidnapped one Ms. Sari Sumdac.

He has challenged the aligned forces of good to a Race for her freedom.

Looking across the DATS duty roster, I believe you may be among the best suited to earning Ms. Sumdac her freedom.

What do you say, Agent? Can you burn some rubber?
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[The audio broadcasted from the D-Comm comes mingled with the sounds of explosions, and crashing debris]

Coalition forces!

We have Ultimate level digimon at the precinct! I repeat, we have Ultimate level digimon at the precinct! Re-assess your combat scenarios, and be careful! There's enough firepower in this one building to bring Tetha out of the sky! Collateral damage from an ultimate level attack could have grave reprecussions, no matter who throws it!

DATS Commanders, mission perameters have shifted! We need to adjust, or this invasion is going to become a genocidal catastrophe for both sides! If we're seeing Ultimate Evolutions, we can't be the only ones! Allies and enemies alike are probably capable of doing this now!
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Captain Testarossa, answer immediately!

I need to your permission to take control of whatever Intelligence operatives I can raise!

We have fourteen minutes before a potentially major incident takes place in Tetha, and explaining why I need them will eat up much of that. I will explain as soon as possible, but I NEED your authorization now!
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